"There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

                                                             ~ Matthew 25:30

Werewolf Ivy Cole has her hands full. Willful and hot-blooded, she found she's borne the same in her offspring, five-year-old she-pup Luna, who has a deadly gift of her own: the ability to shape-shift without the full moon. It's this lethal virtue that draws the attention of the Order, a murderous cult of lycanthropes with their own plans for Ivy's child.

But the werewolves are not the only predators with sights set on Ivy and Luna Cole. Sheriff Hubbard, still seeking justice after her last encounter with the white wolf, and Deputy Sanders, Ivy's wronged long-lost love with a horrible secret of his own, have tracked the tiny pack down to their new home in the historic fishing village of Salty Duck, North Carolina.

While Ivy goes about the facade of everyday life among the quirky residents of the quaint seaside town, forces from her past are moving in quick to converge for a climactic and surprising bloody end.

"I finished Luna and I LOVE it! The spiraling crescendo of chaos builds and builds upon itself...When the dominoes begin to fall, everything that had been gathering speed suddenly explodes into action!"     ~Theresa Bane, author of Actual Factual: Dracula, A Compendium of Vampires

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