"Sometimes there are folks in this world who deserve a good killin'..."

Ivy Cole has come home to the South, and her first order of business upon arriving in her new mountain town is to eliminate the unsavory folks who reside there. Proud of what she can accomplish under the spell of the full moon, Ivy leaves the consequences of her actions lying about Doe Springs (in pieces) as a reminder that evil happens to those who deserve it.

But something else has taken up residence in the land, something violent and cruel, with an unconscionable appetite that eventually targets the ones Ivy loves. While she hunts and is hunted by the other, Sheriff Hubbard doggedly works to solve the mystery behind the savage killings and mutilations.

Award-winning novel Ivy Cole and the Moon is an artful mix of horror, mystery, and Southern literary fiction. Farago weaves ancient werewolf and wolf mythology throughout her plot while blending in scientific and historical facts about true wolves. Forget the stereotypical Hollywood monster. Farago reinvents the werewolf in this first of the Ivy Cole series.

Absent for more than a century, the voice of the wolf rises over the Appalachian peaks once more.

" Farago's novel immediately captures the imagination with its setting in the deep, dark North Carolina mountains and its action spanning those mysterious nights when the full moon shines and wild creatures go wilder..."
~ Barbara Bamberger Scott, reviewer for the Greensboro News and Record

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